The Ropes Course events call for strong commitment, trust in team members, goal settings, and a willingness to stretch out of one’s comfort zone.  The event feels risky, but in fact, it is very safe.  Most participants experience a major sense of accomplishment. Many participants say: “If I can do this, I can do anything”.

The team must cross over imaginary “bottomless” pit and fit their group on a small platform.  This must be done without touching the ground or disturbing the “trip wires”. 

Two participants traverse as far as possible along a cable getting support only from their partner.  The event calls for clear communication, trust, and a willingness to ask for what you need.

tRUST Triange


leap of faith

Climb 35 feet up. Balance on top of the tree platform, then leap to ring the bell!  Participants are harnessed safely to a belt system and lowed back to the ground after taking the leap.

giant swing

Harness up and let your group pull you as high as you want.  Than yank the rip cord when you’re ready and experience the 70 feet ride over the tree tops.

zip line

Zipping is a thrilling adventure.  Zippers sail 350 fee through the air on steel cables secured in a safety harness and attached to a zip pulley system.  You can hear the excitement in our video.

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A cable is installed between five zig-zagging trees 18’ above the ground.  The objective is for the group to hold hands, forming a human chain and attempt to walk from of end of the cable to the other. 

nitro swing

The group must balance on a long suspended between two trees for ten seconds without touching the ground. 



Swinging log

A Challenge Ropes Course is a tool with many uses.  It can provide a new experience for groups to have fun or it can be used to help groups address issues that impact team effectiveness.